Jacob Hyde

Jacob Hyde


Dr. Jacob N. Hyde is a recent addition to the faculty at the University of Denver. He is a native of North Carolina, a Veteran of the Iraq War, and has a PsyD from Adler University in Chicago with a concentration in Primary Care & Behavioral Medicine. Dr. Hyde has a particular interest in behavioral medicine issues affecting military members and Veterans.

Session: The Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology: Research, Training, and Treatment of Veterans, Service members and their Families (co-presented with Katy Barr)

Politics & Service | Friday, Nov 11, 2016

Military veterans make up less than 8 percent of U.S. Population, yet this population displays a unprecedented number of health disparities that have risen to the level of a public health crisis. The physical and emotional toll of the military lifestyle combined with 15 years of continuous war-fighting complicates the assessment and treatment of military members and their families. The Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology has developed a novel mechanism for the training and treatment of this population and is uniquely positioned to serve Veterans, Service members and their families.